Our passion for God’s Word is insatiable. In a world where truth is often measured by one’s own point of view, we believe that the Bible’s unshakable authority for our lives is the only trustworthy source of truth. And the most important truth that anyone can know is the Good News, which is that Jesus Christ died to set us free from the power of sin and death so that we could enjoy Him now and forever.

That joy-filled, cup-overflowing, fragrant life with Jesus begins now….Therefore our Sunday morning worship services are filled with praise and adoration for the One who died in our places. Our worship in song is an eclectic blend of styles that regularly includes praise songs, traditional hymns, special music and and choir songs.

Sunday morning sermons are Bible-saturated; expository messages that seek to rightly divide the whole counsel of God and apply those truths to our 21st Century lives. This passion for biblical teaching exists in our adult and children’s ministries and is the core of our Wednesday evening Youth Group (6th – 12th grade).

We are excited about Jesus because He is the primary object of our hope and joy…and He can give both of those to you too. Here at Rock Valley Chapel we don’t “play religion,” we “live out loud” for Jesus Christ. Come see for yourself.

Dr. Tim Johnson, Senior Pastor